Customer Service Philosophy

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Our goal is to exceed expectations

It is our customer service philosophy to be available, adaptable, flexible and responsive to the needs, wants and expectations of our customers and clients.  We achieve this by listening carefully to what our customers tell us, by asking (even begging) for feedback from our customers, making changes in our policies, procedures and performances based on customer recommendations and suggestions, and then giving customers exactly what they want and ask for; and something extra.

Our goal is to always exceed our customers’ expectations of us.  At a minimum, we do whatever it takes to meet customer expectations and satisfy the customer.  At a maximum, we do whatever we can do to delight and dazzle our customers.

We realize, of course, that no company or person is perfect.  There will be times when whatever we are able to do still does not delight and dazzle the customer.  At those times, after we have done everything in our power to satisfy the customer, we refund the money for services performed and try to help the customer find someone who can satisfy them.

That is our customer service philosophy.  Do whatever it takes to satisfy all customers and clients.  Do it right the first time.  Do it as often as the customer requires it.  And, if we can’t deliver for some reason, help the customer to find someone who can meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

It is this approach that has made Creative Colors International so successful, and we will continue to adhere to this philosophy.  We also work with our customers to create a win-win partnership to help them to develop a similar philosophy and approach to customer service so everyone achieves long-lasting success.

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