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Vinyl Boat Damage

Vinyl, Plastic, Fabric and Leather Boat Repair

For boats, cars, airplanes and any damaged furniture, seats, cushions, dashboards and more. We can repair most any damaged surface. From water damage to cigarette burns, let us make your damaged vinyl, leather, fabric or plastic surface like new again!

Boats, yachts, and marine craft are subjected to some of the harshest conditions under the sun. We have all the tools and Vinyl Boat Repairtraining to repair, refinish, clean and condition your boat’s vinyl, leather, fabric, and plastic surfaces and will save you time and money (sometimes as much as 90% of the cost of replacement).

Since we’re all mobile, we’ll come on-site to the water or your boat slip. We can repair or restore boat seats, tops, engine enclosures, ceilings, beds, and carpeting. We also offer mildew removal and odor elimination. We service all types of boats, yachts, pontoons, jet skis, fishing boats, and jet boats.

RV Vinyl, Plastic, Fabric and Leather Repair

We specialize in all types of repairs on-site to leather, vinyl, carpet, fabric and plastic on the interior of RV’s which typically will save you thousands of dollars in reconditioning expenses by having it repaired versus replaced.

At Creative Colors International, we bring our long experience and specialized skills to the area of RV interior restoration, upholstery repair, leather cleaning, and vinyl flooring and interior trim repair. Our state-of-the art repair and restoration capabilities extend the life of your RV, avoiding unnecessary scrapping of expensive components, reducing cost of ownership and increasing profitability.

Headlight restoration servicesHeadlight Restoration

Don’t let dangerous night time driving conditions be hampered further with damaged headlights. Plastic headlight covers fog up over time and need to be reconditioned to become clear again to let all light shine on the road ahead.

We can make your foggy headlights new again in short order and save you a lot of money over replacing your headlights.

Be safe! Contact us today to restore your headlights!