Grapevine Leather Repair

CCI Grapevine started in February 2015. I found out about CCI the summer of 2014 when a franchise owner came by my place of employment at that time and solicited what all CCI can do. I tried them out and was very impressed. After a few months I was thinking that I wanted to do something different so I looked into CCI and the potential to become my own boss and the rest is history. I now have no 2 days that are the same and being the owner, my repairs are a reflection of who I am which is nothing short of professionalism.

The best part is educating the customer on what I can offer and then when you show them the finished product. They get all excited and are blown away. I leave the customer feeling that they spent their money wisely and also saving them more money than replacing. The friendships I have made along the way is just an added bonus and you can never have too many friends in life.

Industries We Serve

Hospitals / Medical Offices – Vinyl exam tables, chairs and waiting room furniture get a lot of wear and tear. We can make these like new for a fraction of the cost of new furniture.

Hotels – Another area with a lot of vinyl that gets a lot of use. In addition to restoring leather and vinyl hotel furniture, we’re also able to get stains out of carpets from the restaurant / bar area and rooms.

Rental Car Agencies – We work with any and all rental car agencies in the Dallas Fort Worth area to ensure their auto interiors remain in perfect condition.

Boating/Marinas – With Lake Grapevine and other boating locations, there are a lot of boat interiors that need repairing and/or cleaning. We work with individual boat owners and marinas to keep your boat looking great!

Retail Consumer – From pets, to spills, the kids playing, your home is a high traffic area and your furniture can fall victim to daily wear and tear. Don’t worry, Creative Colors International’s certified technicians are skilled in all types of home furnishing repair. Our specially formulated products and patented techniques are proven solutions for today’s homeowner.

  • Stains on the sofa in the Home Theatre Room?
  • Scissor slice on your couch?
  • Cat/Dog scratches on your loveseat?
  • Ink stain from that leaky pen on your recliner?
  • Wine stain on the ottoman?
  • Cigarette burn on your chair?