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Residential Leather care services

Damage Is Common, But We Can Fix It!

Like almost everything else in this world, leather is not immune to damage. Wear and tear takes a toll on every piece of furniture in your home, but one thing is certain. It’s easy to extend the lifespan of your leather furnishings so long as you maintain and condition them on a regular basis.

If your leather product is discolored, it’s most likely due to:

Leather Couch Repair
  • Oil stains from hair or skin
  • Dye from jeans and other colored clothing
  • Ink marks from markers or pens

Our conditioning and cleaning services aim to maintain and preserve the beauty and quality of your leather. Scheduling regular visits with us can ensure that any damage is noticed early on and repaired quickly. Our preservation products also help to prevent discoloration and other types of damage, which saves customers up to thousands of dollars in costly repairs.

Some common causes of rips and holes in your leather products include:

Before & After Leather Wide Sofa
  • Sharp objects, such as scissors
  • Keys
  • Pets

Thankfully, our certified leather furniture repair technicians can repair virtually any damage that’s been done to your furniture, but keep in mind that prolonging repairs of any size will make them grow worse. If your leather, vinyl, or fabric product does happen to be beyond salvaging, we also offer upholstering services at a great rate!

See the Difference Our Experienced Team Can Make!

With over 30 years of experience, you can believe us when we say that there’s no simpler, faster, more cost-effective way to refresh all your home’s furniture. Creative Colors International, Inc. is trusted across the nation to meticulously restore and repair your vinyl and leather furniture to eliminate color fading, tears, rips, scrapes, gouges, scratches, and scuffs that occur over time. There’s nothing we can’t handle!

We Can FIX THAT! Creative Colors International is your trusted friend in on-site repair and restoration of leather, vinyl, plastic, and fabric.

What Others Have to Say

  • Creative Colors International, Inc.Creative Colors International, Inc.

    Chris Koselke of Creative Colors International has been providing our dealership with restoration service for years. Her loyalty and work ethic is second to none. Unlike many other vendors, she is able to come on short notice. She performs various types of leather, plastic and fabric ...

  • Creative Colors International, Inc.Creative Colors International, Inc.

    I want to take this opportunity to express my thanks to your company. Your service in leather/vinyl repair has saved us not only thousands of dollars, but more importantly, it has saved us many customers. I would recommend your company to anyone that needs leather/vinyl repair services.

  • Creative Colors International, Inc.Creative Colors International, Inc. "Chair Color Restore. David & Sergio were great!"

    David & Sergio were great! Brought in drop cloths and got right to work. End result is great.

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