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Auto Interior Cleaning & Leather & Vinyl Restoration Services

If you run a dealership, it’s critical to make sure that your vehicles are ready to be driven off the lot at a moment’s notice. You need to maintain a high customer service rating in order to stay in business and see a profit. Thankfully, our team at Creative Colors International, Inc. is here to help you do all of those things and increase your profits with our dealership services!

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We have been servicing automobile dealerships across the country for over 30 years, offering programs that are geared toward improving the key departments in your dealership, such as:

  • Service department
  • Auto body shop
  • Pre-owned car sales
  • New car sales
  • Parts department

We have been trusted by thousands of dealerships to deliver the ultimate in on-site protection, repair, restoration, and the dyeing of fabric, vinyl, plastic, and leather!

Keeping Your Service Department Full

Creative Colors International, Inc. understands that you’re not making money if your service department bays aren’t full. We can provide our services wholesale so you can invoice your customers with retail pricing. Not only can this increase profits, but your service offerings will increase too. Always finding a way to repair a customer’s car will keep them coming back and, in turn, keep your department bay full!

Body Shop Repairs

With us at your side, you can guarantee virtually all of your customers same-day repairs. You can even save them up to 90% by having us salvage their cars rather than trying to convince them to invest in replacements. This not only satisfies customers, but insurance companies will love you because you’ll be saving them money too.

New Car Repairs

Even the newest vehicles can arrive with some interior damage, which can be a bummer if you’re expecting to sell the car immediately. Thankfully, we can arrive quickly to take care of these repairs on site and in one day.

Contact our certified dealership service technicians to learn more about how we can help your sales increase! You can reach us by dialing (800) 933-2656.

Service Offerings may vary by market. Check with your local CCI location for further information.

We Can FIX THAT! Creative Colors International is your trusted friend in on-site repair and restoration of leather, vinyl, plastic, and fabric.

What Others Have to Say

  • Creative Colors International, Inc.Creative Colors International, Inc.

    Mark did an an amazing job bringing my beat up, frayed, leather seats in my piston airplane back to life! Perfectly color matched with the rest of the interior. I was getting quotes to re-upholster the seats, but no need any longer. Thank you!!

  • Creative Colors International, Inc.Creative Colors International, Inc. "WOW!!!! I’m completely impressed and amazed with the restoration of my white, leather couch!!!"

    WOW!!!! I’m completely impressed and amazed with the restoration of my white, leather couch!!! I thought it was beyond repairable due to dog damage and wear and tear over the years. But, now it looks brand new!!! I would recommend this company to anyone! They were professional, in contact ...

  • Creative Colors International, Inc.Creative Colors International, Inc.

    Had my front seats restored today, (2/15/2018) on my 1995 Lexus SC300. Restoration was amazing. Repairman nailed the color perfectly and saved me a bundle. Rips are gone. Thanks for making my ride great again. Will recommend your services to everyone.

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