Interior Repair Program

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Certified Interior Repair Program

Car Leather Repair & Other Auto Treatment Services for Your Dealership

At Creative Colors International, Inc., our first goal is to create a pricing structure that works for your dealership. We take the time to thoroughly inspect your inventory and create a detailed list of the tasks on our plate. Our team even installs carpet plastic at no charge when repairing your vehicles.

Auto Carpet Care Protection Program

Our carpet care protection program involves a wide range of services for a great price.

Upon signing up for this program, you can expect us to provide you with:

  • A two-year warranty
  • Customized floor mat installations
  • High-grade carpet film installations
  • Carpet re-dyeing services
  • Carpet burn repairs
  • Thorough carpet cleaning, scrubbing, brushing, and prepping services
  • Air fresheners with every service
  • Free vehicle inspections

We can even work with you to create a personalized car upholstery repair program that charges a flat rate per each car, regardless of what repairs are needed. You can trust our team to charge only for the work that you approve. Our customers are never surprised with hidden fees or service charges.

What Others Have to Say

  • Creative Colors International, Inc.Creative Colors International, Inc.

    Mark did an an amazing job bringing my beat up, frayed, leather seats in my piston airplane back to life! Perfectly color matched with the rest of the interior. I was getting quotes to re-upholster the seats, but no need any longer. Thank you!!

  • Creative Colors International, Inc.Creative Colors International, Inc.

    Had my front seats restored today, (2/15/2018) on my 1995 Lexus SC300. Restoration was amazing. Repairman nailed the color perfectly and saved me a bundle. Rips are gone. Thanks for making my ride great again. Will recommend your services to everyone.

  • Creative Colors International, Inc.Creative Colors International, Inc.

    We gladly recommend Gary Foster of J&J Creative Colors for repair work on leather/vinyl products. He did a superb repair job on our examining tables. After the repairs were completed we found it very difficult to tell where the damage was originally. Gary is a hard and steady worker and ...

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