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Creative Colors International understands your business – you need every vehicle to be frontline ready as soon as possible, you need to maintain and increase a high customer service rating, and you need to increase your profits.

For 35+ years, Creative Colors International has been servicing Automobile Dealerships nationwide offering various programs geared toward improving the key departments in your dealership – Pre-owned Car Sales, New Car Sales, Body Shop, and the Service Department.

The Ultimate in On-Site Repair, Restoration, Protection & Dyeing of Leather, Vinyl, Plastic and Fabric – For Dealers!!

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Certified Pre-Owned/Reconditioning Program

Creative Colors International’s Certified Pre-Owned/Recondition Program improves your bottom line by reducing your recon time and cost. Our program starts working for you immediately.  Time is money.  With same-day service and the highest quality repairs in the industry, Creative Colors International moves your inventory to the frontline fast – and off the lot even faster.  Thus resulting in higher profits for your dealership!

New Car Delivery

The Creative Colors International New Car Delivery Program helps you, the dealer, improve your customer’s overall buying experience.  Even new cars arrive with unsightly damage to their interiors.  To help you complete the sale today, Creative Colors International can take care of those repairs on your site, in one day.  Repairs are factory-quality, and guaranteed!  Your customers leave happy.

Body Shop Department

With Creative Colors International, you can offer your customers same–day repairs* at substantial saving versus the cost of replacement; sometimes as much as a 90% savings! Insurance companies will love you and your dealership by saving them thousands of dollars per year by having the damaged item repaired and not replaced.

Service Department

We understand that if the service department bays are not full, you’re not making money.  With Creative Colors International, you can offer your customers same-day repairs* at substantial savings versus the cost of replacement; while providing convenience to the customer.  Creative Colors International provides services to you wholesale.  You then invoice the customer with retail pricing.

The mark-up can be as much as 50% to 75%, and you don’t have to touch the car.  Not only do your profits increase, but so do your service offerings to your customers. Creative Colors International is always working…to improve your bottom line!

* Consult your Creative Colors International franchisee for types of services offered in your area.

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