Vinyl Flooring Repair

Damaged Vinyl Flooring Repair – Easy & Affordable!

Vinyl Flooring Repair

Vinyl Flooring Repair

A damaged or worn area on a beautiful linoleum floor is one of the last things you want to see.

Damage can happen. And when it does, you may be thinking that, since it’s one big piece, you can’t replace a section of it as you could a tile floor. But that is not true. Repairing vinyl flooring is easy, and requires little more than a utility knife.

Save Money (as much as 95%), and most importantly – the value of your home or office!

Vinyl Flooring is popular, because it is affordable & durable. But, it’s not indestructible. There are several ways your vinyl floor can become visibly damaged. From a nail polish stain to water damage, to heavy items being moved across it or sharp objects being dropped. CCI can fix all types & colors of vinyl flooring!

Seeing is believing!

  • No job too big or small
  • Fully-licensed, bonded & insured
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed
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